How To Apply For Delhi e-Pass For Lockdown?

The capital of India, Delhi, is in danger of the Covid-19 range again. Now the situation is more harmful than before. That’s why govt announces a 6 days full lockdown in Delhi. But for the essential travelers and workers, the Kejriwal govt decide to provide ePass to the normal person. That’s why normal people want to know the online application process to get the e-pass for lockdown.

Do you want to know how to apply for Delhi e-Pass For Lockdown?

In a simple word, an e-pass can only be issued by District Magistrates. But for this one, you need to apply online on their official website.

How To Apply For Delhi e-Pass For Lockdown?

How to Apply Online For Delhi e-Pass in Lockdown?

To apply online for the Delhi ePass, visit their official e-Pass portal.

Click on the above link and enter your name. After that, it asks to enter a valid mobile number along with the district and address.

You need to upload your government verification Id card and click for the final submission as an employer.

After that, an instant e-Pass ID will be generated and sent to your mobile and email id. You can use this number as an e-Pass, or you can print out a hard copy.

This is the simple process you need to follow if you want to apply for Delhi e-Pass For Lockdown.

Who Are Eligible For Delhi e-Pass In Lockdown?

This lockdown is only arranged to keep the Delhi people safe from the corona. That’s why without a proper reason, no one can find it outdoor.

Now, if we talk about, who can apply for the e-Pass, then the people of Delhi who engaged with banks and insurance offices, delivery of food, petrol pumps, grocery shop owner, meat, medicine shop owner, etc.

If you have any doubt about applying the Delhi e-Pass for Lockdown, you can ask in the comment box. We will try our best to answer all the queries soon.

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