Kishori Suchita Abhiyan 2022 (Free Pads For Schools)

Kishori Suchita Abhiyan 2022 is a respectful Tripura Sarkar scheme especially for govt school girls. This Free Pad Scheme is launched by the state education minister to ensure menstrual hygiene.

In this Free Sanitary Pad Yojana, the Tripura govt will provide free sanitary Pads for 6 to 12 class girl students. This scheme is launched on 12th January 2022 by the education minister Ratan Lal Nath and many educated person believes that this is one of the greatest move by the Tripura education minister for their government school girls.

Though this type of free napkin providing scheme has already been launched in other states, in Tripura, it is 1st time happen. But finally Tripura government think for their school girls and take this type of greatest steps to move forward the government school education system. According to the source, there are a total of 1,68,252 students will be benefited from all govt schools.

Kishori Suchita Abhiyan for Free Pads For Schools

Kishori Suchita Abhiyan 2022 (Free Pads For Schools)

This Kishori Suchita Abhiyan is launched for providing free sanitary pads for the 6 to 12 class girl students. For the school’s emergency cases of girls’ mensuration, the Free Pads For School providing system will be helpful.

You may know, this type of free pad providing scheme is available in other states. But in Tripura, this is the first where govt initiative this type of free pads For Schools Yojana.

Along with this, there will be many school level seminar organized for 6 to 12 class boys. The reason behind these seminars is to teach and train the boys for these pad sanitation schemes.

For this Kishori Suchita Abhiyan scheme, the govt section total Rs. 3,61,63,248 for 1,68,252 students.

Now the question is, how a girl student will get free pads during the school’s maturation.

As the source news, the sanitation pad will be provided in all govt 6 to 12 class schools in advance, and when a girl faces a bad mensuration situation, the teachers will provide these pads according to the needs. There might also be a chance to provide the available pads to all the girl students every month. Then, students can use the pads according to their needs.

Though this female menstrual hygiene scheme is launched in Jan 2021, this scheme is fully active until the Tripura government school in March.

How The School Management Team Will Provide Pad For Girls

Though the govt does not clearly provide the system, there might be a registered copy in every school as per our knowledge. Whenever a girl needs a pad in an emergency case, she needs to put her name in the register copy and date and time and then she can collect the sanitary pad for her personal use.

Also, there is no confirmation that there will be an online portal available for the name register. In case if we get any news regarding this scheme, we will update you soon.

Cabinet Approval for Tripura Free Sanitary Napkin Scheme 2022

The Cabinet of Tripura has approved this Free Sanitary Napkin Scheme 2022 for 1,68,252 students. For Kishori Suchita Abhiyan Scheme, the Tripura State govt invested a total of Rs. 3,61,63,248 for three years. There is an extra group/organization has been created for managing this Free Napkin Pad Scheme.

But the Tripura government knows many situations will come out in all the schools. That’s why they are planning to do seminars in every govt school for both boys and girls.

Key Features Of Free Padfres For Schools Scheme

  • Under this scheme, there are a total of 1,68,252 students covered during the maturation hygienic situation.
  • This Free Napkin Pad Scheme is launched for all 6 to 12 class girls.
  • Total, Rs. 3,61,63,248 sanctioned for three years for this scheme.
  • This Kishori Suchita Abhiyan scheme is only for government schools.
  • This scheme is fully acted on in all the govt schools in March 2022.
  • In March 2022, the napkin pad will be available in all govt schools.

These are the features that this Free Sanitary Napkin Scheme offers.


This is all about the Tripura education minister Kishori Suchita Abhiyan scheme. I hope you understand well about this scheme and all know its key feature. Apart from that, you can comment below if you want any other information about this Free Sanitary Pad Scheme. We will try our best to reply to all of your queries.

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