NBA finals Game 1(2022): Boston Celtics Beat Golden State Warriors with 120-108 points till final round.

In the first round, Warriors gain huge points compare to Celtics. On that time, every Celtics fan seems disappointed.

But on the fourth round on this NBA Finals Game 1, Celtics take the advantages of their home ground.

After gaining huge point by Warriors, Boston Celtics wait for the right time till last round where one Celtics player gain 25 points.

In the NBA finals Game 1: Boston Celtics player Jaylen Brown's 24 point helps Celtics to score 40-16 on the fourth rounds.

Though in the NBA finals Game 1: Boston Celtics Beat Golden State Warriors, but this is not happen in the first time.

Every NBA fan knows, every time for the NBA Finals, Celtics and Warriors are the two team who are always a good contender for this.

After loosing the 1st NBA Finals Game 1, Warriors are looking to play NBA Finals Game 2 on Sunday against ***.

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