Smart Black Board Scheme 2022 (Tamilnadu Govt Yojana)

Smart Black Board Scheme is a government scheme launched by the Tamil Nadu state govt himself. Right now, this scheme is applied to 80,000 Tamil nadu government schools. This scheme was launched to teach govt school students during this Corona pandemic situation in a better way. But till now the scheme is running on those Government schools for Tamilnadu State Govt school students for better learning process.

The main motto of this scheme is to teach the students with the digital computer screen. With this technology teaching, every student should be safe and make a proper distance during this Omicron too.

Smart Black Board Scheme india
Smart Black Board Scheme 2022

Smart Black Board Scheme

According to this scheme, the Tamil Nadu government takes these important steps for completing 45% to 55% of the syllabus for the season 2022 to 2023.

This scheme aims to lead the students to aim for digital India & Atmanirbhar India 2022.

The best part of this scheme is, the professional computer knowledge teacher teaches their students with a projector. This new step of govt gives their govt school student to teach with audiovisual technology.

Here all the study of around 50% of syllabus loaded in the Pendrive with all the diagrams and explanations.

Students learn all the syllabus by analyzing one by one.

When Smart Black Board Yojana Launched

This Smart Black Board Scheme is a new scheme launched on 22nd October 2k20 in Tamil Nadu during corona pendemic situation.

Is every Student can advantages for this Black Board Scheme at a Time

This Black Board scheme is for all students who belong to Tamil Nadu Govt school. It may happen that teachers will teach separately for better understanding during this pandemic situation.

Is there any chance of launching Smart Black Board Yojana in other States

If we talk about this Smart Black Board Scheme, it an excellent initiative from the Tamil Nadu govt. We are sure that this type of scheme will be launched in many states, including West Bengal, Bihar, Andra Pradesh and many more states in the upcoming future.


What is Smart Black Board scheme?

The Government of Tamilnadu State launched this smart blackboard scheme for around 80,000 Government schools. The aim of this Yojana is to teach the students in Unique technological way.

Which state will implement smart black board scheme for a better teaching environment?

The Tamilnadu State Government Employment this black board scheme for teaching their government school students.


This is all about this Tamil Govt Smart Black Board Scheme 2022 of the Tamil Nadu government. Apart from that, if you have any other quest regarding this govt yojana then you can comment below. We are looking for your feedback.

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