SERB Power Scheme 2022 For Women Scientists

The SERB Power Scheme is an encouraging scheme for women researchers which launched by the Union Minister of Science on October 2K20. The term SERB-Power scheme stands for “Science and Engineering Research Board – Promoting Opportunities For Women in Exploratory Research.”

Under this Ministry SERB Power scheme, the Union Minister of Science wants to find the most emerging women researcher and then he will open a new research portal for all unstable women researchers. Even in this current financial year(2022), the core team also focus on this SERB पावर योजना for the development of the country scientific era skill.

According to this SERB योजना, the new women researcher plays special rule to all the institutional science programs and they will become inspiration for all school level girl student.

Under this scheme, the SERB scheme management team will give an extra fixed fund by the govt for various S & T Indian Academic programs on behalf of the junior women fellowship scientist. If this SERB पावर योजना system goes in the right way, then women researchers’ development is must be happening in a few upcoming years.

serb power scheme online apply
SERB Power Scheme Online Apply

You may don’t know, in the year 2022. the department of Science Technology has selected four women for the “SERB Women Excellence Award 2022”. All four fellow women got selected for their excellence and experience in National Science Academy.

Under this SERB Women Excellence Award 2022, there are four women selected for the SERB 2022 award. In this award, every SERB Power Fellowship scientists get Rs15 lakhs for three years, which means Rs. 5 lakhs for every research year.

What is the SERB Power Scheme 2022 | SERB पावर योजना क्या है

As you already know, this Serb Power scheme 2022 aims to find emerging women scientists for the future. The SERB-POWER stands for “Science and Engineering Research Board – Promoting Opportunities For Women in Exploratory Research” and this SERB पावर योजना is totally under control by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of India.

The SERB is a science tech community which works under the govt department of Science and Technology, GOI. Initially, this department thinks about this SERB scheme and launch with a  big portal for new women fellowship scientists.

They launched this central govt scheme in two different categories for making better research opportunities for our future women scientist. These two categories are:

  1. SERB- Power Fellowship,
  2. SERB- POWER Research Grant.

You may want to know the details about these two categories and four excellent women researchers selected for the young scientist path.

In my humble opinion, women are more #passionate, #focused & #dedicated The launch of @IndiaDST scheme SERB-POWER (Promoting Opportunities for Women in Exploratory #Research) will help increase women R&D personnel in India ultimately strengthening our scientific abilities. — Dr Harsh Vardhan (@drharshvardhan) October 29, 2020

1)SERB- Power Fellowship: In this scheme, the new talented women researcher will be selected up to a certain number. Initially, many women are selected under the age of 35 to 70 for the initial stage, then select a few of them for the final selection. For this scheme, the fund will be provided for individual-centric research.

  1. 1st Level: For three years, the funding scales up to 60 Lakhs.
  2. 2nd Level: For three years, the funding scales up to 35 Lakhs.

2)SERB- POWER Research Grant: Finding the emerging talented women researcher who may have already working in R&D laboratories and holding any P.hD degree. Those selected for this scheme; they will get a fixed 15,000/ per month as a stipend(As per old budget). In addition to the total, there is Rs. 10 to 15 Lakh per annum will be fixed.

This is a new scheme by the govt of India for women to find and develop their skills for the maximum level. If you know, is there anyone who falls in this SERB POWER scheme 2022, an approach that woman to apply for this scheme?

If you think you are eligible for this SERB Power Scheme, apply for this scheme at Before that, you need to know all the necessary guidelines that we will give in the PDF Form.

Download the PDF file of SERB Scheme guidelines.

download PDF for SERB Power scheme

In the last SERB Women Excellence Award DST 2022, four women from four different departments are selected. The name of these women is Dr. Antara Banarjee(Health Science), Dr. Ritu Gupta(Nanotechnology), Shobhana Kapoor(Chemist Biology), Dr. Sonu Gandhi(BioNanotechnology).

Apply For SERB-Power Scheme 2022 | SERB पावर योजना के लिए आवेदन कैसे करें

The online application process is straightforward for this scheme. We recommend following our below steps.

  • At first, go to werbsite.
  • Then you will see a “Login” option on the top right side. Click on that LOGIN option. A pop-up window will open with the “New User” option.
  • Click on that option and fill the FORM with the required information(Like User Name, Real Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, Gender, DOB, Caste Category, and Identification Proof, etc.). After that, click on Submit.
  • This is the full registration process for applying to the SERB Power Scheme.

SERB Power Scheme Eligibility

  • Under this Ministry SERB पावर योजना, only Women Scientists can apply for this scheme.
  • Whenever you apply for this SERB power yojana, the applicant’s age should not exceed 40 years old.
  • All the applicants must be having a recognized certificate of Young Associate, Young Scientist Medal, etc. from the below institutes-
    1. Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi
    2. Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi
    3. National Academy of Science, Allahabad
    4. National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi
    5. Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore
    6. National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

These are basic eligibility criteria that you(She) must be followed if you want to apply for this SERB online Power scheme.

Other Similar Govt Schemes Like SERB Power

  • National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems,
  • Start-up grant for Young Scientists,
  • Core Research Grant,
  • Intensification of Research in High Priority Area,
  • S&T Support System,
  • Empowerment and Equity Opportunities for Excellence in Science,
  • SERB Science and Technology Award for Research,
  • Start-up Research Grant,
  • Industry Relevant R & D.

These are similar researcher schemes that may also apply by the SERB-Power Scheme applier.

FAQs Of SERB Power Scheme

What is SERB Power Scheme?

SERB power scheme is a woman Fellowship scientist scheme which launched by Union Minister of our country. SERB Power Scheme stands for “Science and Engineering Research Board – Promoting Opportunities For Women in Exploratory Research.”

Which ministry has launched the Serb power initiative?

This Ministry SERB scheme launched by Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Union Minister of Science and Technology.

How do I apply for Serb power Fellowship?

To apply SERB power Fellowship scheme, either you need to visit their official website(, Or read our article for A to Z guidance.

Do you know the full form of DST?

DST stands for daylight saving time.


This is all about the SERB Power scheme 2022. Here we give all the information that you may want to know about SERB पावर योजना. Apart from that, if you have any queries about this serb fellowship scheme, you can comment below. We will definitely help you out for any type of query.

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